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never leave :D never fear :D
I'm such a jealous person when it comes to you :D If you leave me, can I come with you? :D ahaha :D you'll never leave. I know that :D  it was because, you don't care who am I, where I'm from, what did I do, as long as I love you :D and as long as I live, I'll love you. and you'll never leave me :D Without dreams there is nothing to love :D and without love there is nothing worth dreaming about. dream as long as you live :D I have come to realize, that people really have an effect on your life, and if its good, you must tell them how much you love them NOW :D but, how am I gonna tell you? :D knowing that, all I ever did right now. is loving you.darling :D you know. the hardest thing to say is "Goodbye" when you're really in love with your beloved ones :D

I planned to tell you all the mean things, for all that you have put me through, but in the end all I can say is "I MISS YOU :) Sometimes when you like someone enough, you can't really put into words how you feel. like I do. and you just kind of look at them, and well you just know. If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile. I would have the whole night sky in the palm of my hand. I just need a minute to restart my heart. broken heart.
Just give me a minute to restart my heart :) It's hurt .Jealously is killing me. If it doesn't hurt.It isn't love. isn't it? :) Always and forever seems nice at first, but as time goes on you realize they're just words. no prove. My words are true. all you have to do right now, is trust me that you're ain't a fool for me but you gain a full jar of my heart. for every day, I miss you. for every hour, I need you. For every minute, I feel you. for every second, I want you. Forever, I love you