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Friend :)
Sometimes I'm wonder, what is a friend??? And I say "a friend is someone who share happiness with you :) friendship, no matter how fierce the argument, no matter how many tears are shed,no matter how angry we get, and no matter how harsh the words were said :) we're friends, until the very end And our love will always keep us together :D Friends do bring out a special cheer and a special moment. Friends make you remember all of the good times you've had. the miserable times, the difficult times And the happy nor the bad. Friend is a part of us that will never go away, no matter how hard you try, know that we're here to stay :) friend will be there for you. through thick and through thin. Friend will make you smile, laugh, cry and grin :D friend will always be with us" *love sign*


I try to understand you. Even though you hurt me a lot. I endure for the sake of our friendship :) Honestly, I do not ever have a close friend. And I hope you will be my best friend. But I was like lost hope in the wind. Today, you dropped my tears. You do not smile and do not even speak to me even though I've many times tried to start a conversation. My heart shattered time you laughed with your boyfriend and do not care about me. Yes, i know who i am. If this is your choice, I'm pleased. Your boyfriend everything for you not me. who I am to you? Just a place to express yourself? Great :) I was destined to listen others and bear her problem. That's me :) So who will listen to my problems? Where are you when I need? I will remember all that need until any time. And you have to remember, I'm easy to forgive but not forget. Thank you friends :) I will not drop my tears anymore for you.