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Thinking about you. EX! to the nEXt :D
I do a lot of thinking before I got to sleep. thinking about, what did I do wrong today? how could I make it better? what should I do, to make her happy? what should I do, to make things perfect? should I forgive her? or should I say, you're forgiven. although you don't deserve it. forgetting about the mistakes that you did. and accept the new you. the new you are as awesome as the old one :) you know, I can't do anything without you, you drive me crazy but, that's the reason behind it. why I love you :) I'm always crazy when I miss you. but, you truly have to know. that I'm always hurt not because you don't care for me. but because I've cared and trusted you more than you actually deserve. 

Dear, you can never understand my pain until you're the one who feels it :) and I know. you're sorry that you're not considering how I feel, but while you're real.you're real in loving me. aren't you? :) I'm not addicted to you. I only miss you when I have time :) lunch time, break time, off time, this time, that time, any time and all the time :) I give you my love, precious and true :) you know that my heart, is only for you :) my darling :) would you give yours to me? :)  

What if I leave when you've did something that hurt me a lot? I have no idea about it. maybe, I wouldn't be leaving you. cause I'll be willing to forgive you. forgiveness always there for you. oh, really? :) but, it doesn't mean that you could just hurt me. sometimes, I wish you were in my shoes, so you would understand my pain and the reason I go through just for you. and sometimes I act like I don't care. but deep inside, it hurts. really. 

Ex should stay an EX! :) They're an example of the wrong love & and EXplanation for why I deserve better. hey, I still remember you. you're the one who leave me without any valid reason. and yet, I'm still stronger enough to go through it.do you wanna know, why won't I choose to block you nor delete you. instead I'm keeping you there so you're able to see how happy I am without you. I knew that was the ending when I'm with you. cause you care too much. you're too sensitive. and your selfishness is even killing me. and when I'm fallen for my darling. you want me back. who do you think you are? you can leave me like this and want me back since I found the new you. you're too selfish. I can't do that. cause I truly found someone who deserve my love more than you do.