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my fault right?!!

A good apology has 3 parts. 1st,I'm sorry. 2nd, It was my fault and 3rd, How do I make it right? I've done all of this. but, do you willing to forgive me? gosh, I can't even concentrate on my work. everything seen to be wrong. urghh. I hate it. what's just going on in my mind? can't I just forget about it? and is everything gonna be alright? I'm just so scared, if it's really work like what I've thought about it. It's horrible. your ignorance. please, don't do that to me. it's killing me. even more:(  It was all my fault, my mistakes. I should have grown a trust on you and believe that you'll never hurt me. but now, it turn out is I'm having a power to hurt you. and I'll never thought that I've hurt you so deeply inside. what can I say, other than I'm sorry? what can I do, just to heal your wounds?I wish I knew what makes you happy so I could make you the happiest person in the whole world. If only undo button exist in my reality, I wouldn't have done this way. I'm truly apologize for it! :'(